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August 1, 2012 Myrtle Beach, SC Jumpoff will be the premiere online social community that utilizes crowdsourcing to allow aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs to increase awareness and potentially raise money for creative projects in the gift and toy industries.  Projects will range from toys and games to art, clothing, publishing and technology.  jumpoff will provide a secure, reliable and user friendly platform to inventors while ultimately building a community of reviewers and supporters that will provide feedback and monetary contributions to projects.  Additionally, jumpoff will offer professional consulting services to assist in refining projects, estimate development costs, and create plans to take products to market. 

In the past, large manufacturers and mass retailers in the gift and toy industries were the primary influences on product purchases.  Typically, companies that controlled distribution and retail shelf space controlled what consumers purchased.

This is no longer the case.  The Internet, and more specifically social networks, are completely and fundamentally changing how these industries function.  Today, online social networks are creating immense and diverse communities that provide a constant flow of useful information.  Access to product reviews, price comparisons and recommendations from friends and family are changing the way consumers shop. 

More important, social networks are empowering inventors, who can utilize these communities to test and vet product ideas.  By gaining supporters and pre-selling product, inventors are able to generate proof of concept, or proof of the project’s feasibility, ultimately providing substantial negotiating leverage. 

While many product development companies and retailers in these industries see this empowerment as a threat, jumpoff sees an awesome opportunity and wants to embrace it.

By providing a platform that encourages individuals to bring an idea to the masses, gain supporters, generate proof of concept, and potentially raise money to develop, jumpoff will help empower aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs to act on their ideas.  It will encourage them to “jump off” the ledge and take a leap of faith in their ideas.

This platform alone, however, is not sufficient to bring a product to market in these complicated industries. 

Inventors and entrepreneurs often overlook and grossly underestimate the “next steps” in making their idea a reality.  jumpoff will differentiate itself from other sites and services by providing unparalleled consulting services to assist these inventors with the next steps:

  •      Legal – Identifying the proper copyright and intellectual property protection and setting up the proper legal structure
  •          Creative and Development – Refining a winning idea, maneuvering through the complicated safety regulations, and developing prototypes for promotion
  •          Marketing and Sales – Developing a winning strategy that considers small and large retailers as well as the rapidly evolving media landscape
  •          Distribution/Licensing – Determining the best means of getting the product to market and assisting with tough negotiations
  •         Sourcing and Manufacturing – If needed, identifying the best and most efficient means to develop a product and deliver it to market

By being the first to provide the platform and the resources to aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs in the gift and toy industries, jumpoff will become the premier online community for the next generation of new, innovative and exciting products.

The team at jumpoff is led by Rhett Power and Peter Gasca, , a tWild Creations has won over 40 national awards for their innovative products and have been featured on CNN Money, Fortune, Parenting Magazine, Good Morning America, Today Show Regis and Kelley and many more national and regional media.  In addition to their own experience, the jumpoff team will tap a deep network of professionals highly experienced in the gift an juvnilee products industriues.

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