Wednesday, January 23, 2013

81 Billion Dollars!

I sit on sit on two Toy Industry Association (TIA) Advocacy Committees and today was our annual strategy meeting.  Here are some points that really stood out in the research done by John Dunham and Associates on the Economic impact of the Toy Industry.
  •  The toy industry’s annual TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPACT IN THE UNITED STATES is nearly $81 BILLION.
  •  The industry supports an estimated 533,177 jobs, generates $25.8B in wages for U.S. workers and $11.1B in annual tax revenue ($5.2B for the States (combined) and $5.9B Federal).
  •   The average price of a toy is less than $8, but the estimated 3 Billion units sold across the nation each year generates approximately $21.87 Billion in direct toy sales.

The report can be broken down by state and district in order to help educate our lawmakers on the impact of the industry.
The database of impact data is available online at:

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