Friday, January 24, 2014

The Inspirational Leader: How to Inspire Staff and Employees

A software glitch brought production to a screeching halt and now that crucial deadline appears as if it won't be met. Everyone has an opinion on a solution but time is of the essence. Enter the inspirational leader! He brings sanity to the chaos and he knows how to inspire staff and employees. So what does this guy got that you don't? Well...

According to Forbes, leaders like the late Nelson Mandela had so much influence because people knew they could trust him. His word was his bond. "This same sentiment can be carried over into the workplace, where employees want their leaders to be more trustworthy and transparent.   Employees have grown tired of unexpected outcomes resulting from the lack of preparation," says the magazine. If you want to inspire your team, keep your promises, big and small.

Another big factor--enthusiasm! If you aren't enthusiastic, your team won't be. The key to inspiration is intense and eager enjoyment, showing interest and putting your stamp of approval on ideas that excite you.

Also, inspirational leaders rarely just take a walk--they walk with purpose. Have a plan and you must excel at sharing that plan. The most detailed vision won't do a bit of good if you can't enlist the help of your staff and employees. Be an excellent communicator.

Insist on an air of optimism. The workplace atmosphere plays a big role in how well your team performs. That being said, you can't pretend that problems don't happen. Encourage optimism--insist on it but don't run from troubleshooting.

Do do you inspire your team? 

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