Friday, February 21, 2014

Ask the Internet About Your Job Applicants

You've got a lot riding on the first employee that you hope to hire for your business. You're hoping he'll help you increase your profits, expand your customer base, and allow you more time for your family. How do you know he's the right one? The resume and job application tells you the basics but anybody can fudge those documents. And you can't afford the extensive and costly background investigations of the big companies.

Ask the Internet. Unless your applicants have been living in a cave, they've most likely left footprints all over the web. They can present a more authentic picture of your potential employees because most aren't aware or don't care that anyone can view their online doings.

Start with social media pages like Facebook or Twitter. Do the images and posts belong to someone you'd like working for you? Is he someone that could be a credit to your company if a customer looked him up? If your applicant has his views set to Friends Only ask him to Friend you. Whether he does or not and the reasons for doing so can be revealing.

Then try looking up his resume on LinkedIn or other job-hunting sites. Notice if any of the facts and figure differ from page to page. Inconsistent details may mean carelessness or deception. Finally, do a Google Search on his name to see what other websites have said about him. You may discover that he's highly regarded in your industry or someone you need to stay away from.

The right first employee can make or break your new company believe me I found out the hard way...

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