Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Build a Great Workplace

In today's business environment, it can be difficult to manage and build a business culture that encourages positive employee production and teamwork. While there's no single way to keep spirits high and output flawless, the three tips below offer key elements of how to build a great workplace.

Encourage Workplace Community. It's important for employees to interact and feel connected and practice teamwork beyond work tasks. Employee events, such as gatherings during the holidays or when business milestones have been achieved, is an excellent way to encourage and create community in the workplace. Some employees also thrive on organizing workplace events. On months when events are not going to occur, encouraging community can be as simple as having a day where everyone is invited to bring-in food for all employees to share.

Require Quality Work. Employees like to feel important, and they want to know that the tasks they perform mean something to their company. Requiring quality of work is virtually synonymous with requiring work accountability. While it's necessary for employees to feel sociable and comfortable, lack of accountability can drastically lead to low quality work. Be firm and don't accept employee complacency. Remember, pride in quality of work builds work ethic!

Maintain Work Balance. Business fluctuate. Depending on numerous factors from consumer demand to quarterly reporting, sometimes the workload is fast-paced and heave, and at other times, the workload is quite low. When considering how to build a great workplace, employers must balance employee workload so that downtime is minimal and go-time is manageable. If fluctuating job tasks are somewhat unavoidable, employers can balance this by spreading work out among employees and by creating new tasks for employees to complete. It's also imperative for employers to keep particularly ambitious, motivated employees positive by intermittently increasing their responsibilities.

What do you do to build great teams and a great workplace? 

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