Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Identify Exceptional Leaders on Your Team

Leaders make up a tiny percentage of any healthy workforce but an even smaller sliver of that group goes on to become an exceptional leader. According to landmark cosmetics company Mary Kay, only 2 percent of their massive sales team reaches the coveted level of director. That's the first rung in the company's upward trek.  The Harvard Business School study of Mary Kay gives us an accurate snapshot of how small this esteemed level of leadership truly is. If you notice these qualities from someone on your team you might have a leader that you should develop. 

They plan. He's plans for everything. He thinks about the future, believing for the best but prepared for the worst.

They care. The exceptional leader imparts something good to the people he leads and works with. They are better off because they follow him. Indifferent, distant leaders may evoke an initial response but when the going gets tough, the team needs to know they matter.  Good leaders build people up and support their personal and professional growth. 

They're tenacious. A strong leader must have exceptional perseverance. He won't just out think the competition, he'll try longer and work harder when necessary. When answers aren't immediate he continues to search for solutions. There's no "quit" in this leader!

They have strong values. He must have an inner compass that guides him. The exceptional leader has a life mission that he must fulfill. No matter how unchartered the waters, this leader is never led astray. You won't find him trading in his vision for an easier one.

They don't run from a challenge. Nobody has to persuade the exceptional leader to stick around when things get tricky. He's not just riding the wave of success but he's pulling the team up when challenges appear.

If you find a leader on your team do everything you can to support them and give them room to grow…your organization will benefit immensely if you do. 

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