Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Build Trust...Build a Great Team

As a manager how do you build a great workplace environment? How do you connect with your staff and build trust in order to accomplish the mission? What I have found is that you have to do this on an individual basis with each employee.

The first thing is to figure out any shared experiences with each employee. This can include everything from a similar educational background, shared tastes in popular culture, or places both people have traveled to. The idea is to establish a kind of bond by letting the employee know that you are not that much different.

Next, you should recognize the employee’s value system while imparting your own. The preferred values for the smooth running of a team include honesty, compassion, open-mindedness, ambition, fairness, accomplishment and responsibility. Be transparent about these values and let the employee know that there are no hidden agendas. This builds up trust.

Then one should show a little bit of emotion when interacting with an employee. Show compassion where it is appropriate. Be encouraging when the employee has performed above and beyond. Try a little humor from time to time. People will be comfortable with you when they know there is a human being behind that title.

And then one should not be afraid to get your hands dirty. A good quality of leadership is leading by example. Don’t just delegate work and then sit back and observe. Participate in the work, letting the employee know that everyone is in it together.

Finally one should engage the employee, solicit his or her opinions during meetings and show him or her you trust them. Trust given is often rewarded with trust earned.

Please share how you build trust with your employees or team.  

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