Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sell Your Story...Sell Your Product

Everyone loves a good story. This is something that’s been hardwired into the human brain, from ancient times to modernity. In ancient times, they had epics like the Iliadand the Odyssey. In modern times, we have TV shows, movies, paperbacks and ebooks of all kinds.

However, you might think that stories are only meant for entertainment and don’t have any place in business. This is not true. Even when it comes to business, you can’t underestimate the importance of a story.

Stories and Advertising

Think about the last advertisement you saw on TV. Wasn’t there a small story woven into it? Maybe it was an advertisement for shampoo in which a girl was complaining about how her hair was totally unmanageable. But then she started using a certain shampoo and voila, she now has amazing hair. This isn’t a very complicated plot but it’s divided into a “before” and “after,” which is the essence of a story.

Your Own Story: Before and After

Now think back to your own story. Doesn’t it also have a “before” and “after” element? The “before” section is from when you had not yet started your business. Maybe you were working at a job and were unhappy. Or maybe you saw that there was something about the industry you worked in that had to be changed. It’s that moment when you decide to change something and better it that appeals to people when you’re telling a story.

Your Own Story: Overcoming Obstacles

Once you decided to make a change, it’s possible that success just fell into your lap but it’s much more likely that you had to work hard for it and faced a number of obstacles. This is the kind of thing that keeps people wondering what’s going to happen next. How did you overcome these obstacles? Did you stick to your guns? Did you keep going? Were you obstinate, pushy or just plain lucky?

Going from Impersonal Brand Name to Real Person

People want to know what you were going through and how you felt at each stage of your journey. This is because this helps them to identify with you. When you start selling the story of your own successes, you don’t remain a business or a brand name anymore. You become a real person. You come to life. And people see that they have a lot in common with you. As a result, they’re more likely to gravitate towards your product or service as well.

Whether you’re using your story in advertisements, on social media or on your website, keep in mind that it’s a powerful tool.

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