Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's Stopping You From Your Dream?

Do you have dreams of being an entrepreneur? If you have goals of starting a business but haven't acted on them yet, your thoughts may be holding you back. Entrepreneurs have to develop a certain mindset to tackle the risks necessary in business ventures. Mindset is a subject that isn't often talked about, but one that can have far-reaching effects on a person's life—good or bad. Someone's mindset says a lot about them and acts as a predictor of future success. Let's look at some flaws in your thinking patterns that could be inhibiting your business goals.

1. Everything Needs To Be Perfect

If you're waiting on perfection, you'll be waiting forever. Perfection is a myth—it doesn't exist. The greatest businesses in the world still have flaws, and had manywhen they started out. Mistakes are always going to be there for you to solve, that's just the nature of being a business owner. Do a reasonable amount of research and planning before you jump into your business foray, but don't take forever on it. The most important aspect is action. Just start and you'll learn along the way, expanding your comfort zone the entire way.

2. I Don't Have The Time To Start

Telling yourself you don't have the time for a business yet is just another way to procrastinate because you're afraid. It's daunting to start a business, but if you really want to do it you'll need to fight that fear. You can make time for the things you really want to do in life. Try getting up an hour earlier every morning or staying up an extra thirty minutes at night. Fit in just a bit of time everyday towards your goal and you'll start seeing results.

3. I Don't Have Enough Capital

If your budget is limited, you'll need to start small—but you can start. Invest small amounts into your business and put more time in than money. Once you see a little bit of a return on your investment, you'll be motivated to save money faster so you can keep investing in your business.

4. I'm Going To Fail

Yes, you will fail—but this isn't a bad thing. All that failure represents is opportunity, a chance to do something better. Failure is improvement and you can only gain success by going through some failure first. The most successful people are just those who have failed the most in life. A widespread misconception is that mistakes and failure are bad. Culture doesn't readily accept errors, even though we are all fallible. Failure is only bad when you make it bad and refuse to learn and grow stronger. Lack of a strong mindset is what causes people to give up on their dreams, not mistakes.

Your mindset acts like a self fulfilling prophecy. If your dedication to your dreams doesn't start in your mind, you can't be successful. You'll have to be emotionally stable and prepared in order to brace yourself for setbacks along the way. Fix your mental blocks and keep yourself from giving up. Persistence is key and you will succeed if you keep at it. Be honest with yourself and learn how to take action to achieve the life you desire.

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