Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3 Tips That Will Help You Earn What You Are Worth

Everyone wants to move up the ladder at work, whether you're at an entry-level position or you've already been working for many years. However, it is possible to get stuck at a certain level in terms of what you do as well as your salary. Of course, the basic rule is that if you don't ask for more, you're not going to get more. Beyond this as well, there are other things you can do to negotiate your worth. Here are a few tips:

1. Know your worth
If you're going to try to negotiate your worth with your boss or HR department, you need to first know your worth. You may think that someone with your qualifications, doing the kind of work you do, deserves to get a certain amount of money. However, the going market rate might be less or more than you think. So you need to sit down and do a bit of research. You can look at job listings in your field, note what type of qualifications they're looking for and how much they're willing to pay. You can also get in touch with friends working in the same field and find out how much they're making. If you're willing to go even further, contact a head hunter and find out what salary level they would be willing to send you on interviews for.
If you find out that you're worth a lot more than you're getting right now, you can make an appointment with your boss or HR department. It helps if you do this when things are going well e.g., when you've just landed a big account or the company in general is making a lot of money. If you time your appointment badly, such as when your boss is frazzled because an employee just quit or when the company has just lost an account, you're a lot less likely to get a raise. Sometimes, it helps to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves unexpectedly. For example, if you're in a meeting with your boss and the two of you receive some good news, go ahead and talk about a raise, even if you hadn't meant to do so. Carpe diem!
3. Getting noticed
You may be the kind of person who prefers to keep their head down and go about their business. Unfortunately, that's the kind of person who doesn't always get the recognition they deserve. You need to start speaking up and getting noticed if you want to get that promotion or that raise. If you're just going in for an interview, you need to speak confidently. This means that you need to be confident. After all, confidence can only be faked for so long. You may be able to do it in the initial interview but if you can't keep up the charade, the higher-ups are going to take notice. So do a bit of soul-searching. If you feel that you lack confidence, you need to ask yourself why this is the case. Do you truly have a weakness that you're trying to hide or are you simply an anxious person who can't stop thinking about the worst-case scenario? Take action to resolve these issues and you'll find yourself becoming more confident and getting the recognition you deserve.
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This article originally appeared on Inc.com.

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