Thursday, September 5, 2013

Focus on Your Business...Tips for Success

    This weeks tips:
   Don't Be Afraid to Make Big Mistakes.  All the best things that happened in my business happened on the heels of failure.  Don’t be afraid to fail; it’s proof that you are meant to be a successful entrepreneur.  The only difference between people who are hugely successful and those who aren’t is the time it takes them to get back up after getting knocked down.

    Take action. Don’t put that business plan in a drawer and forget about it. No matter how busy you are, set aside at least one hour a week to assess your progress toward the goals you’ve set. Together with your partners and key employees, create action steps and set deadlines for accomplishing them.   
    Find a niche, within your niche. Find ways to stand out within your industry. This is the other side of being unique. You need your customers and clients to come to you and not your competition, one way to do this is to be known for something. There are many things you can control within in your business, so whether it’s your exemplary customer service or your fresh guacamole – be known for something.

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