Monday, August 19, 2013

Make Sure You Know What Not To Do...This Weeks Tips

   This Weeks Tips...
   Make Sure You Know What Not To Do.  Everyone should have their own ‘Not To Do’ list.  I sit down regularly and make a list of all the things I have spent time on that have amounted to nothing.  It’s smart to post your ‘Not To Do’ list where you’re bound see it so you’re reminded to do more productive things that give a better return on the time you spend at work.

Make a System for Everything You Need To Do More Than Once.  My mother ran her house like a boot camp.  I learned from my mom that to run a growing business you need to set up a system for everything.  If you take the time to set it up once, you’ll build your business faster and avoid wasting time and handling customer complaints.
Take Full Advantage of all the Free Social Media Out There.  Before you go out and blow money on advertising, capitalize on the free online access that leads you direct to your customers.   Blog, Tweet with humor, and make as many friends as you can on Facebook.  You can quickly build a huge following of customers willing to try your new product without spending a dollar on advertising.

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